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U.S. $1 Gold specifications 1849-1889

Diameter:    1849-54 13 mm - 1854-89 15mm
Composition:   90% Gold 10% Copper
Weight: 1.672 grams (.04837 oz pure gold)

During the late 1840’s there was a tremendous supply of gold and Congress looked on ways how to increase the use of gold in the country’s coinage. On March 3, 1849, Congress authorized the minting of the gold dollar. These $1 gold coins were composed of 90% pure gold and the Liberty Head type began circulating during 1849. These $1 gold coins were the smallest in the history of U.S. coinage and were produced between the years 1849 and 1889.

The $1 U.S. Gold Coin was designed by James Longacre. From 1849-54, the obverse contained the Liberty Head and the reverse a wreath with the denomination and the date. From 1854-1856, the obverse was changed to an Indian Head (small head variety), and from 1856-89, the obverse had the Indian Head (large head variety)

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