U.S. $4 Gold Coins - Investing & Collecting

$4 Gold Stella

Diameter: 22 mm
Composition: 6.00g Gold, 0.30g Silver, 0.70g Copper
Weight: 7 grams total

The $4 U.S. Gold Stella had two designs, one designed by Charles E. Barber and the other by George T. Morgan. They were minted in 1879 and 1880 only and were considered a "Pattern Coin". Barber's version was the flowing hair type, while Morgan used coiled hair. Mintages ranged from 10 to 425 and these coins are exceedingly rare, prices running into the tens of thousands of dollars.

The Stella's were produced because the United States was possibly going to join the Latin Monetary Union (LMU) and a coin with similiar amount of gold was being produced and used by other member countries. The 20 franc Napoleon was produced in France, Belgium had 20 Belgian franc coins, Greece had 20 drachma coins, Italy had 20 lira pieces, Spain had 20 peseta coins, and Switzerland had 20 Swiss franc coins all of which circulated freely among the LMU member nations. The U.S. Congress failed to approve the LMU membership and the $4 Stella's passed quickly out of existence.

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