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The first gold coins produced by the Canadian Mint were the Sovereigns from 1908-1919. They were identical in appearance to the British Sovereigns, the only difference being a small "c" placed as the mintmark.

The Canadian Sovereigns were .917 fine gold and weighed about 8 grams. The bust of Edward VII appeared from 1908-10. The bust of George V appeared on the 1911-19 coins.

From 1912 through 1914, the Ottawa Mint produced $5 and $10 gold coins, also with the bust of George V. These were a .900 fineness. The $5 coin weighed 8.36 grams with a total mintage of almost 300,000 coins. The $10 gold weighed 16.72 grams with a total mintage of about 365,000.

Gold coins then disappeared until 1979 when the Maple Leaf Gold coin was introduced. From 1979-81 only the one ounce Maple Leaf was produced with a face value of $50. In 1982 production of a 1/10 and 1/4 Maple Leaf began. In 1986, a 1/2 ounce Maple Leaf came into production. Currently, the Canadian Mint is producing the four listed above, as well as a 1/20 ounce Gold Maple Leaf.

During 1997, the Royal Canadian Mint introduced a one ounce Gold Mountie coin made from .9999 gold. Apparently the Mountie was a single year issue.

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