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$20.00 Gold Double Eagle

U.S. $20 Gold specifications

$20 Gold 1850-1933 (Liberty & St. Gaudens type)
Diameter:   34 mm
Composition:  .900 Gold .100 Copper
Weight: 17.5 grams (.9675 oz pure gold)

The United States $20 gold coin, which was the largest denomination of US coin authorized in 1849, was minted from 1849 through 1933. Actually there is only one known dated 1849 and that resides in the Smithsonian collection, and there were no 1933 coins placed into circulation, so you will have to settle for 1850-1932. There were two main designs, the Liberty Head and the St. Gaudens.
From 1849 through 1907, the Liberty Head design was used. Mintages of some years went into the millions, so there are still many around to choose from. Weighing in with almost a full ounce of gold, these will run you from about $1200 and up for decent examples.

Liberty Head (Coronet) $20 Gold Coin

The Liberty Coronet design was used from 1849-1907. There are three major types of the Liberty design.
-no motto, value "Twenty D." 18491866
-with motto, value "Twenty D." 18661876
-with motto, value "Twenty Dollars" 18771907

St. Gaudens $20 Gold Coin

Beginning in 1907 and continuing until 1933, the design used for the Double Eagle was created by the noted sculptor, Augustus St. Gaudens. The coin is considered by many to be the most beautiful United States coin. There were also three major varieties of the Saint Gaudens Double Eagles.
-High Relief, Roman Numerals, no motto 1907
-Low Relief, Arabic Numerals, no motto 19071908
-Low Relief, Arabic Numerals, with motto 19081933
The high relief was the first minted, but the coins needed to be struck eleven times to bring out the relief and then they didn't even stack correctly, so the low relief version was brought out later in 1907. Only about 11,000 high relief Double Eagles were minted and today they bring prices many times that of the more common varieties.

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