U.s. First Spouse Gold Coins

The First Spouse Gold Coins Series was launched in 2007 to accompany the new series of circulating dollar coins honoring the Presidents of the USA. Each coin, which carries a legal tender face value of ten dollars, is minted in 24 karat and contains one-half ounce of gold. The front side of each coin features a portrait of the First Spouse, her name, the dates and order of the term served, the date of issue and mint mark, and the words “In God We Trust” and “Liberty”. The reverse side carries a scene emblematic of the spouse’s life or contributions, the words “The United States of America” and “E Pluribus Unum” and the designations “$10”, “1/2 oz”, and “ .9999 Fine Gold”.

Those Presidents who served without a spouse were not forgotten. For these coins, the front side features an image of Liberty taken from a circulating coin of the President’s period. The other side features a scene from the President’s life. There are only four Presidents without spouses so only four coins will carry the Liberty designs.

The entire First Spouse Gold Coins are tentatively scheduled by the United States Mint to be released until 2016. The coins will be released together with the Presidential Dollar series at a rate of four to five coins per year. The earliest releases were for Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson’s Liberty, and Dolly Madison. Currently, the series is in its fourth year of release. Recently released coins are: Elizabeth Monroe, Louisa Adams, Andrew Jackson’s Liberty, Martin Van Buren’s Liberty, Anna Harrison, Letitia Tyler, Julia Tyler, Sarah Polk, and Margaret Taylor. For 2010, First Spouse Gold Coins feature Abigail Fillmore, Jane Pierce, Buchanan’s Liberty, and Mary Todd Lincoln.

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