Investing in Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion bars are a favorite of many precious metals investors, since they are easy to buy and sell, simple to store, and come in standard sizes that appeal to any level of investing from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. While there are many bars to choose from, it's probably best to buy from a group of well known refiners whose products are available from dealers around the world. Among those are Credit Suisse, PAMP Suisse, Engelhard, Johnson-Matthey, APMEX and Sunshine Mint.

Expect to pay a higher percentage over spot for the smaller weight bars. One well known retailer sells the Suisse Kilo bar for spot + $6/ounce and the 10 oz., 100 gram and 1 oz. bars for spot +$20/oz. For the smaller bars you can expect to pay from $10-$20 per bar over spot. While it may not sound like much, at roughly six 5 gram bars to the ounce, that's $50-$100 over spot per ounce.

Do yourself a favor and only deal with retailers you know or who have a good reputation. Buying gold from an Ebay or other seller with very little feedback is just asking for trouble.

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