$5.00 Half Eagle Gold Coins - Investing & Collecting

U.S. $5.00 Half Eagle

U.S. $5 Gold specifications

$5 Gold 1795-1834 (Capped Bust type)
Diameter:   25 mm
Composition:  .9167 Gold .0833 Silver
Weight: 8.75 grams (about .24 oz pure gold)

$5 Gold 1834-1836 (Classic type)
Diameter:   22.5 mm
Composition:  .8992 Gold .1008 Silver & Copper
Weight: 8.36 grams (about .24 oz pure gold)

$5 Gold 1838-1929 (Coronet & Indian Head Types)
Diameter:    22.5 - 21.6 mm
Composition:   90% Gold 10% Copper
Weight: 8.359 grams (.24187 oz pure gold)

The United States $5 gold coin was minted from 1795 through 1929. During that time, several designs were used. From 1795 through 1834, several Capped Bust designs were used. The mintages were much higher than the Quarter Eagle, 1820 having the highest mintage at over 263,000.

During 1834, the Half Eagle was given a new design, the Classic Head. In 1839, Christian Gobrecht's Coronet design was implemented along with the new .900 fineness standard.

In 1908, the Half Eagle changed to the Indian Head design. Different from all previous U.S. coins, they had no raised edges and the design and lettering were incuse, or stamped in. The last of the Half Eagles were minted in 1929.

With mintages sometimes reaching the millions, the Classic Head and Indian Head Half Eagles can be found for very reasonable prices.

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