U.S. $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagles

U.S. $2.50 Quarter Eagle

The United States $2.50 gold coin was minted from 1796 through 1929. During that time, several designs were used. From 1796 through 1834, several Capped Bust designs were used. The highest mintage was under 7,000 coins, with many varieties coming in under 1,500. As you might imagine, these are rare and quite costly.

During 1834, the Quarter Eagle was given a new design, the Classic Head. In 1840, Christian Gobrecht updated the $2.50 coin to the Coronet type so it would match the larger gold coins.

In 1908, the Quarter Eagle (and the Half Eagle) changed to the Indian Head design. Different from all previous U.S. coins, they had no raised edges and the design and lettering were incuse, or stamped in. The last of the Quarter Eagles were minted in 1929.

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